Saturday, 6 March 2010


"My, that's impressive stuff."

Vactan (tm)Yes it is. Miraculous.

But it's also very weird to paint with, as it has a consistency somewhere between milk and natural yoghurt. It felt like I was giving the boat a facepack, rather than killing the rust. It only took about 3 hours to go all the way around, slapping it everywhere liberally. And I do mean...everywhere. Even the fiddly, hard to reach bits got a good old coating. I only used about 3 litres of the stuff, in all. It went much further than anticipated (we got 7 litres), so there's plenty left to do the inside of the window frames, when the weather is warmer.

slapping it onvactanned swimThe port side was basking in the sunshine, so it cured almost immediately. It steamed, and converted the rust spots as I was painting it on. Brilliant! The other side wasn't so lucky (as it's in the shadow of 'Atlantis 42'). According to the blurb, it could take 2-3 days to react in 'wintery conditions'. 10+ degrees is best, apparently.

fully cured - ready to bitumen
As the sun was out, it was 'walk your child' day here today. Everybody who had one, was out walking it. Including one over competitive dad, who was barking out orders to his daughter on her little stabilised bicycle, like she was in the Army. Thankfully they had all buggered off by 3.30pm, and peaceful quiet was resumed.

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