Thursday, 25 March 2010

Back We Go

We were slightly alarmed to see the crane coming extremely close to the boat. So we departed, and then it started to rain. And rain. And rain. And rain. It chucked it down all day, culminating in a lightning storm directly overhead. Thankfully, it moved off towards london, where big black angry clouds are much more at home.

whoaaaa there..
Seen it so many times, we're getting quite blase about it now. But Dogma was craned up off the sleepers, and down into the water with all the skill & grace that people who do this every day for their living, get accustomed to. Nothing was moved around inside, at all. No paint was chipped or flaked off. And we're still floating. Big success all round.

strops ongently, ladsup she risesearly in the morning

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