Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Bigger the Boat...

"... the bigger the arsehole."
(Alan's general rule of thumb).

Lovely sunny morning. But, by the time I'd finished enjoying my two coffee kickstart, the marina dwellers had been out there for two full hours with their paintbrushes. Felt like a late starter, so I was determined to steam through the jobs today. The sun helped dry everything out, and it was a real joy to be outside in the double digit weather.

Job 1 ~ Slapped more rust killer all over the engine bay. Was very happy when it worked within 10 minutes. The bilge is now ready for some "Danboline", it's top coat of oil and fume resistant paint.

Job 2 ~ Professionally masked up, and put 2 coats of nonslip deck paint on the roof. Unfortunately, it's the lightest 'navy blue' I've ever seen in my life. It will be cooler in summer, but it also highlights the areas where more grinding should have been done. At some stage, the whole roof is going to have to go back to bare metal. But I don't have time to do it now. It looks much better than it did, but it's not the great cover up, I'd hoped for.

Job 3 ~ Put first coat on front doors, and rear railings.

Job 4 ~ Painted inside of the Gas lockers, with the 'Rylard' paint that was knocking about. Because red oxide primer is porous, and I didn't want to have to do the whole job again in six months.

Job 5 ~ Painted second coat of red oxide primer in well deck. Ready for topcoats.

Job 6 ~ Painted 1st layer of dark blue topcoat, all around boat. I can see why the paint is so expensive now. It was great to paint with. It went a long way, and didn't sag, or show brush strokes at all. I'll have to slap some more on, but it's already gleaming. "She looks great from across the river", Peter said.

dogma's paint workshopnew roof ~ navy blue???newly painted sides
newly painted stern
Throughout the day, I was complimented on my hard work, and unusual painting method ... with a brush! Seems most people just roller it on. But I've always favoured the brush. You have more control, and you waste less paint, because you're not spraying it all over yourself in the process.

Found all the praise a little embarrassing to take, but I know I've done the best job I could have done, so I can accept it with good grace. The jobs I've completed haven't taken any great skill on my part, just all the many hours needed to see them through to completion.

I am the log King of Bourne EndFinished up the day with Broccoli and Stilton soup, accompanied by crusty brown rolls. hmmmmm...

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