Sunday, 28 March 2010

How's Sumo?

Our good friend wEBBY wanted to know how Sumo is..

Sumo in actionHe's fine. and settled into the boat and river life very well. Hoisting him up the stepladder when we were out of the water wasn't such a problem. And now we're back in the water, he can just step on and off again. He loves climbing out the back door, and seeing water + ducks right in front of him. Always a fresh novelty, it seems.

We stuck to his normal feeding, exercise and nap routines from when we were living in a house. So he's the ideal weight. He's fit, healthy, and happy. People often remark that he's such a friendly and cheerful dog. Which he is. He's always making us laugh with his antics. We can even forgive him for the rolling in poo, because he's so adorable. Everybody loves their pets, but Sumo really is special. We feel lucky. But now he's hassling me for a walk..

slowly learning to drop things he's retrieved

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