Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The 'Ole

So, like Alice, I ventured down the 'ole today.

It's obviously been quite a few years since anyone else has been brave enough to spread some love around down there.

Once I'd dropped down inside, the job was much easier than i'd anticipated, when i'd looked at it from the outside. When you're up close & personal with it, it turns into 'just another job'.

down the 'oleThere was rust, naturally. A ton of it. Especially underneath where the old batteries used to live. But, thankfully that all flaked off quite easily. Exhaust soot had covered everything in sight. But, according to Steve ... "all it needs is some fairy liquid on it". The oily diesel soaked dust piles, which were laying around everywhere, all got scraped into a dustpan, bagged, and chucked. Several opportunistic spiders were rehomed, too.

gas pipes and fuel lineI found a dry nappy stashed away behind some piping. So I lobbed it in the engine drip tray. hmmmm, lovely. But to give it credit, it had sucked up 10 times it's own mass in greasy gunk (with no spillage at all), when it was lifted out. As Sheena said, absorbancy technology must have come a long way, since we were children.

mysterious boat bitsMore to do tomorrow. But, I managed not to get my grubby fingerprints all over the inside of the boat. So, though i'm missing Sheena and Sumo very much, it's been another day of feeling quite pleased with my accomplishments.

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