Saturday, 13 March 2010

Paint it Black

"Why aren't you using a roller to do that?"
Because I want it on the boat, not all over me.

Blakes Bitumen VarnishSo, today was my first encounter with 'Bitumen Varnish'. The sun was out, and it was surprisingly easy to slap on, with my 4" brush. When the sun went in, it thickened up, noticably. But it wasn't as stiff and difficult to use, as I'd anticipated. One 5 litre tin was enough to go all the way around. But this is only the first coat of three. I'm hoping to give it a day between coats, to dry out properly. Which should also help minimise the brush tugging, and be less tiring on my arms.

The hull is looking much better now. Visibly gleaming.
Amazing the difference a quick slap of paint can make.

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