Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Duck on a Plank

Today was our last day out of the water. Finished up in the engine bay, ready for the exhaust system, and new battery bank to be fitted. And the engine to be craned back in.

shiny bilgegrey grey or greylovely new drip tray
Steve also connected the gas cylinders to his re-installed (and 100% safe) pipes, so we can now use the gas oven and hob to cook whole meals for ourselves, rather than just warming stuff up on top of the stove. Home cooked food has made a big difference to our comfort level.

We're still wary of using gas in an enclosed space, but we're now comfortable with changing the cylinders, turning them on or off, and clicking frantically with the gas lighter to spark the oven up. It's propane too, so Hank Hill would be happy..

We are Proud Propane users
Sheena also saw a Duck surfing past on a plank. Which made her smile. Little things. But they help keep us happy. (sorry no picture of that, it happened too quickly).

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