Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Dignity of Labour

Finished de-scaling our hull, and started lifting the scabby paint and rust patches from the rear end. We could have grown vegetables in the dirt that I shifted from the drainage channels.

all gone scabby paint
Steve popped by, and dropped off a new tool for me to play with. the bilge beast. It sucked up it's capacity in bilge gunk 4 times before the bottom of the engine 'ole was visible. Now somebody has to climb down there, and scrape the remaining nastiness out. Guess Who?

all gone indoor swimming pool

weed hatch!
Same with the Gas lockers. Somebody has to grind that rust at the bottom away. The bilge beast will get rid of the water, but it still means dangling inside a metal box on top of the grinder. Oh, what fun. Upside of this messy job, is that Steve can then get on with re-installing the gas, and we can cook stuff.

Nobody mentioned anything about this on WaterWorld.

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