Monday, 8 March 2010

Man Dryer

hot air gun
Steve popped by with a new man tool. The 'hot air gun'. Which looks like a big hairdryer to me. but no, it's for stripping paint. I warmed up the hull past 10 degrees... but unfortunately NOTHING happened. He said, "that looks like moisture bloom". AHA! The instructions say that if you get moisture bloom, you just hose it off... So I did. And it looks much better. Not 100% perfect,like the other side, but you can clearly see where the rust patches have been converted into blackness. Hooray! So the chemical reaction did occur, even though we've had such low temperatures. I'm greatly relieved.

When the sun is out again (tomorrow afternoon, hopefully). it just needs another quick hosing down, and then it's ready to paint over.

nice but cold
Another fine sunset.
But there's no escaping it... It's 'clean out the bilge' day tomorrow. Hoping for sunshine, and a bit less of the cold.

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