Monday, 15 March 2010

Mushroom Mushroom

Painted the roof shrooms, and the safety handrails.

shiny roof shroomAnd while I had the green brush in my hand, I touched up the tired looking cabin sides, to get rid of the tar from the stove. The rest of the green can wait until we're back in the water. It's an easy enough job, and will be quite pleasant in the sunshine.

all gone tar from stove
According to the iPhone's weather app, it is going to heave it down with rain all weekend. So I hustled Richie to finish off our new deckboards. The last thing I need right now, is four inches of water sloshing around in the bilge again. They are quite 'bouncy', but much easier to lift then the old heavier boards. I jumped up & down on them. They flexed a bit. But I didn't end up in the engine 'ole. Success.

lovely new deckboardsSo, now there isn't a patch of undercoat anywhere in sight. Everything on the boat has had at least one coat of paint on it. Tomorrow is the time to slap on the second.. before my hands sieze up completely from holding brushes all the time.

Badger Badger Badger

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