Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Nice Sit Down

Today is brought to you by the colour "Blue", and the number "2".

It was a beautiful morning, and the sun was providing a lot of warmth, when I cracked the hatch at 8am. Was delighted to find that for once, I'd beaten them all to it. I was the first one out there working. Plan 'A' didn't go so well, because I overdid it with the fairy liquid. Bubbles everywhere. Plan 'B' (just some hot water) worked a lot better, and I'd scraped off the masking tape gunk by about 9.30am. Then a quick slap of 'Mauritius Blue' with a one inch brush, and nobody would ever know what had happened.

over the bridge
Seeing as the blue paint was opened, I whizzed round, and gave everything that was a similar colour, a second coating. I also slapped it on thickly in the well deck, because that's where the chain will live, and chains kill paintwork. Finished painting by 3pm, and realised I was completely knackered.

freshly painted well deckmiddle of roof ~ looking aftprofessional two tone masking
So I had a nice sit down by the river. Watched the Swans, who never seem to sleep (there was one drifting past at 3am in the morning), and the Ducks fighting (they spin round and round in circles). Listened to Debussy, and enjoyed some coffee & nicotine. Everybody was in a summer mood, and of course, Peter wore his shorts.

hungry swan
Inside the boat, it was like a greenhouse! Lovely and warm. Had to open all the windows & doors to get some air in.

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