Monday, 15 March 2010

Masking Tape

108ft of stuck on tape to removeDo not use in Direct Sunlight
Remove within 4 hours

Guess who painted the roof in direct sunlight?
And left the tape on overnight?

Arggghhh.... Shouldn't have boasted about my professional techniques. Now I have a one inch nightmare to deal with. Google turned up two solutions, which I'll try out tomorrow...
Start with an easy one using some warm water and a damp cloth. Wet the cloth and rub it over the dried-out tape, moistening it. Allow the moisture to work for a few minutes, then carefully peel back the tape. The warm, moist water should help soften the glue and the paper tape will peel off.
Did you ever start a painting job and then have to set it aside only to find that when you came back, the masking tape would not come off without doing damage to the surface it was stuck to? Here's an easy way to get it off. Use a hairdryer! Hold the hairdryer just three or four inches away from the tape. The heat will soften the adhesive as you gently pull it off. This technique will work on almost any kind of tape, and remove it from wallpaper, paint, wood finishes or even furniture.
Richie agreed that the roof colour "ain't navy".
I think they should have called it 'Kingfisher Blue'.

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