Monday, 1 March 2010

Big Chunks

"If you're lucky.... it will come off in big chunks".

roof in progress
It came off in big chunks. And i noticed that Dogma has been painted at least 4 different colours in her lifetime..

Sky Blue
Light Green
Racing Red
Navy Blue

All of the 'spongy stuff' had to come off, so the rust spots could be treated. Bit scary to see huge wodges of roofing material flake off with the scraper, but the worst is done now. The textured roof paint caused mega-sparks, but I didn't break the man-tool.

Beautiful day. Spent it on the roof, because the bloke behind me was scrubbing down his plastic boat with his missus. I figured they wouldn't want limescale, rust and dust all over their sandwiches. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish off the hull tomorrow.

roof protected

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