Thursday, 11 March 2010

Formula #1

"You have degreased down there, haven't you?"

excellent stuff
Damn...Surveying our thoroughly cleaned and hoovered out engine room, I thought I was done. But it turns out I was prematurely pleased with myself, because the undercoat won't stick to a greasy surface. So we had to stump up for a bottle of 'Formula 1' degreaser. Initially baulked at the cost of £7.90, but it managed to turn a day long job into one that was easily accomplished in a couple of hours. Figure it was worth it for all the time, hassle and kettle boiling that was saved.

14 buckets of oily sooty gunge was wiped off surfaces that I thought I'd already cleaned down. But now it's gleaming, and it can it all dry out nicely overnight. Then, I'll slap some rustkiller on it, and it'll be ready for the red oxide primer.

Not a terribly pleasant job.
But it's done now.

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