Sunday, 15 September 2013

Waiting for the Storm

Spent last night just below Eynsham lock, on the free 24 hour mooring. After the interminable and unremitting traffic noise of the motorway at Godstow, this was a nice peaceful spot...

Too many boats have gone upstream this morning, for me to contemplate gambling on getting a space on the meadows, so I've just moved to the other side of the lock. Thankfully, the boat that was hogging the space there (for three weeks) has moved on.

Eynsham meadows were already stuffed with overstayers, so the chance of getting a mooring up there was pretty slim today. I have to be at Oxford cruisers for 9am tomorrow morning, so I'm spending this afternoon hoovering, tidying up and generally getting ready for our boat safety examination. The flue has to be removed, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow morning before attempting that, as I'd like to enjoy the fire this evening.

Batten down your hatches, everyone.


  1. Hi Ken. I've only recently discovered your blog (via Sue on No Problem) and have really enjoyed reading about your time afloat. (I went all the way back to the beginning.) So pleased you like Abingdon! My home town. Hopefully I'll wave at you some time.

    Keep blogging - it is perfect escapism for those of us locked to the land who can only dream of such a life!

    Cheers, Alistair

  2. Hi Alistair. Thanks for reading the blog. I know what you mean... before we got our boat, we used to read all blogs and dream too.

    We all love Abingdon. Probably the most friendly and generous place towards boaters on the whole of the thames. If ever you do see us tied up there, please give us a knock, and we'll gladly put the kettle on.


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