Thursday, 5 September 2013


LOL. It took them 20 minutes to figure out they had to tow it.

East street was stuffed this morning, because nobody moved. I hung around after my food delivery, because I knew Sue & Vic were turning up later, and they were expecting mister Tesco too (5 boats got food delivered to them this morning). They were able to breast up, and we had a nice coffee and a catchup in the sunshine. Before we both set off on our respective ways. Them up to Godstow meadows with Nb 'Matilda Rose', and me off down the river to Abingdon. It was nice to see them again. *waves*

I got to fuss Tilly, Buddy (who is gorgeous), Meg & Penny. It was nice to see them all getting along fine together. Meg is definitely topdog, but she just lets the others get on with all their foolishness. Unfortunately their most favoured cruising position is out on the back deck, under Sue's feet. 4 dogs on a boat. It must be chaos at feeding time. Sue said they are well behaved at bedtime though.

My journey downstream went fine. Hot, with nowhere to stop, but fine. Fishermen everywhere though. Was today national "sit by the river and look grumpy day"? Because it felt like it. Only 2 out of about 30 of them waved or smiled.

Missed out on a pint at Sandford, because I saw Matt & Nicky's boat all locked up. Assumed they were out walking their dogs. But they were sat across the river at the pub, waving at me! Unfortunately I was committed to going down through Sandford lock by the time I'd spotted them. Damn... That went well though. The lock keeper gave me a hand with my ropes, so it was all quite chill.

Made up for it, by having a nice Guinness at "The Punch Bowl" in Abingdon. Sumo is allowed in there. The landlord is also friendly and welcoming. A quick bimble around the meadows, and that is me for today. Knackered. I'm the only boat on the moorings at the lock landing. Which is nice. Dragon boat racing taking place this weekend. So no boats allowed to moor on the meadows saturday or sunday.

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