Saturday, 7 September 2013


I slipped away from the Abingdon lock moorings early this morning, because all of the meadows are out of bounds this weekend for the 'Dragon Boat' racing, and I didn't want to outstay my welcome there.

A bloke on a GRP cruiser watched me turn dogma around, but didn't help (not that I needed it). As soon as I was clear (like 5 seconds later), his missus popped out, and they both pulled their boat to where I was. Cheers for that! Very kind of you..

Guess who whammed his front mooring pin into a waspnest? Thankfully, I only got stung twice (by the one wasp). Unlike the unfortunate bloke who did exactly the same thing up at Bablock Hythe. He got chased by a marauding posse of them, and stung 14 times.

Going to stay here tonight, and wend my way slowly back up to Oxford tomorrow, hoping for some good news from Oxford Cruisers on monday.

Where's me lunch?

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