Thursday, 31 May 2012


Been stopped at Sonning for a few days. Appalling Internet coverage there, hence lack of recent updates. Sorry. Sumo seems well. Let him off for a run around near the college rugby fields today, and just managed to grab him before he rolled in a massive pile of horsepoo. presumably put there for the college's roses, because there aren't any horses around here. It was much cooler today, with a couple of showers. Lit our first fire for a while, which he immediately hogged..

Moored at Shiplake college. A lovely quiet and peaceful spot. On our way down, we spotted Uri Geller outside his house. He saw us (a boat) coming, and comically tried to disguise himself by hiding behind a tree. Unfortunately, it was a very small and thin tree, which made him look ridiculously shifty. His two bodyguards also stuck out like a sore thumb, with nowhere for them to hide. Sheena says she feels a bit sorry for him, because every trip boat that goes by announces (via megaphone) "GUESS WHO LIVES HERE?". "HERE'S A CLUE....HE USED TO BEND SPOONS IN THE 1970's". "IT'S URI GELLER!!!". Actually, I pity him. All that money doesn't seem to have brought him happiness. Yes, he has a stupidly large mansion on the Thames, a helicopter landing pad, a meditation hut, and is currently building a brand new gym extension/wing to make it look even more like something out of Dallas. But if you can't go out, it's still a form of prison, however gilded the cage. He definitely needs to chill out with some boaters, and not be scared of them. Listen to the river, Uri!
Six new Cygnets at Sonning. White mute swans are not my favourite river creatures. They're agressive bullies, who will hiss at anything that moves. But the little ones riding on momma's back, were impossibly cute.

Abingdon to Reading


There was still a fair bit of a stream on when we left Abingdon, so we found we could put the engine into tickover, and still make good speed on our merry way. Which was very relaxing for both of us. And the journey only took two days. We didn't stop at Wallingford, because it was stuffed full, so we carried on a bit, and camped out in the bushes near Moulsford. Next day, we only had to make a short journey down to Beale park, which again we were very lucky to have all to ourselves.

A baking breezeless journey down through Caversham, to the welcome shade and relief of the lock cut..

Tree Frog

Abingdon Tree Frog

Friday, 11 May 2012


Sumo's overdone it.

He couldn't stand up this morning, which was obviously a big worry. Managed to get him up the ramp in his harness with a towel supporting his hips, but he just collapsed when we got ashore, and his muscles were trembling from all the exertion. Took him back on board and made him comfortable, while I called out a vet. Mr Stuart of the Abivale pet hospital was absolutely brilliant. Within an hour, he managed to drive almost to the boat, and made a tremendous fuss of Sumo while he examined him thoroughly.

5 minutes after administering a big dose of Metacam, Sumo was able to stand up, and the vet carried him off of the boat, so that he could have a pee. Brought him back onboard, where he had a big drink and conked out. Verdict is that he's probably just overdone it. Short walks, and more Metacam in his food for the next few days.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

It raineth every day!

Two liveaboard boats. Don't know why they chose not to move.. because now they are stuck there, and they have to wade ashore. Nightmare..

The water level is still rising. It's nearly up to the 2003 flood marker. And it shows no sign of stopping there. Counting my blessings that I had the guts to move us through the weirstream, before we got stuck down below the lock. It was touch and go getting us up here, but I'm very glad that we did. Probably stuck here for another week, at least. But our ropes are tied to bollards, so we can rise with the river, and there is no worry about us drifting up and over the bank.