Monday, 18 May 2015

Puppy Pictures

This chunky chap would have been our first choice, but the owners of his father are getting first dibs. If selected, he will go on to be a "show dog". Feel a bit sorry for him, if that is the case. But there is hope for us, in that his nails are a bit white, and he might not cut the mustard. Sumo was similarly rejected by the first picker, for having feathery back legs and a bendy tail. We loved his feathery back legs and bendy tail.

The other two boys. One of whom will most likely be coming home with us.


Bryn is in for a big surprise.

Mystery Visitor

Apologies to the gentleman at the marina this afternoon, who said "Hello Ken". We were all busy hoisting this beauty into position at the time... and when we'd finished, you'd completely vanished. Sorry... I'm a friendly chap who likes to meet new people, but I was more concerned with making sure our boat wasn't squashed..

Kind regards to your good self. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, even if I am now completely puzzled as to who you were.

Saturday, 16 May 2015


"Dogma... What a decrepit old thing."

...Indiscreet visitor to neighbouring shiny shiny narrowboat.

Nb 'Aquahobo' ~ Enjoying our spot
Sorry for the lack of posts recently. We've been getting on with things and the month of April just "slipped by", without us even noticing. Bryn has been helping a lot, and has settled into our daily routines remarkably well. Took to the boat instantly, with no mishaps (beyond misjudging where the back deck was once, and ending up doing some undignified dangling). On a test cruise, down to Windsor, he slept most of the way. Doesn't seem to mind the engine noise or the process of locking, and he loves to sniff the breeze while we're underway. The waterborne equivalent of sticking his head out of a car window, I guess.

Bryn's Cruising station
New pup will be onboard 1st of June. We still don't have a name. But he is happy, healthy and doing well. As soon as he's had his second set of jabs, we hope to get out and do a bit more cruising. It's been the worst winter on record for us. And I think we are due some happiness and sunshine in our lives now.