Thursday, 21 January 2016

Bryn is Six

Birthday Boy
Lil Ols

It's different having two dogs. In some respects, more work, and in others, less. They're both been quite content to bimble about on walks, and aren't hassling me to chuck something for them every two minutes. They are both well behaved on the boat, seemingly aware of how much space they have to run around and go nuts in. Olly is past the "zooming up and down at 100mph" stage, and seems to love his moving home. They've both taken to sleeping on our bed, which is a bit of a squeeze. But also, pretty cosy and snug when the temperature has dipped to subzero.

We're spoilt for choice of excellent walks around Bourne End, but the one we do most days, is past Winter Hill. It's an iron age settlement, with tumuli and wide open meadows (where Amy Johnston was able to land her plane). The boy's recall is excellent with the whistle. And I'm currently amusing myself by teaching them to respond to their names in morse code. (B for Bryn and O for Olly).

For heat, we've been using the ever reliable homefire ovals. With an assortment of softwood and hardwood kiln dried logs, which (extremely fortunately) we can get delivered to the boat. We haven't been cold. Our morso stove is fitted with a backburner boiler, which feeds two radiators and 53ft of copper pipe. Everywhere is toasty and warm. Being able to heat the whole of the boat from a single heat source is undeniably, one of the best things ever. No sign of damp or fustiness, anywhere. If we ever do get ourselves another boat to live on, a gravity fed heating system is a must have.

Anyway, We're all enjoying winter. And I hope you are, too.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Horn of Henley

New Innovative Eco-friendly Design
With this handy lightweight tool, one can easily blow amplified raspberries at mooring wardens, aggressive swans, and the good denizens of Phylis court, as one cruises oneself past in fine style.
Excellent value, as one horn should last you all season (provided you do not get it wet).
Available now for the specially amazing introductory price of 4.99 english pounds (price will increase to 147.99 during regatta week, when demand outstrips supply).
Note: We can also deliver a shorter version, if the weight of this model is too much for your wrist. But, unfortunately, the decibel level and projected distance are halved.
Our dogs love it.
Yours will too!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Olly likes...

Caught in the act
Cheese and Bacon pasta bake.
Got the hump, because he didn't get any.

Narrowboat Nihilist

People have often said, that they love the name "Dogma". But, if we do ever get ourselves another narrowboat, I would like to call it 'Nihilist'. Stuff yer "Ramblin' Roses", yer "Whyknots" and yer "Rustic Buntings". "Narrowboat Nihilist" is where it's at.

It has a nice ring to it. :)

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Happy New Year

Hey Everyone. I hope santa brought you what you wanted, and that you're all tucked up and cosy. Sheena is down in Devon for a couple of weeks, and wanted me to post some pics, so she could see how much Skinny Olly has grown...

The river rose, and came dangerously close to breaching the bank again. But, thankfully, it now appears to be on the retreat. Fingers crossed, that it stays that way.