Friday, 27 February 2015

Sunny Disposition

Hi Everyone.

I feel a lot better for getting things off my chest yesterday. Thanks for listening. And my normal sunny disposition has now been resumed. Today, I bring to you a picture of boats in the sunshine...

Bourne End Marina
Considerably different from this time last year, when I was sloshing about in waders, and Sumo had to deploy his mountain rescue harness. People are out buffing their boats, painting their coachlines, and generally hoping that Spring is about to be Sprung. Let's hope so. Hoovering out the bilge every time it hammers it down, is getting a bit tedious.

In other news.... Congratulations to our good friend Graham Holden (and his wife Matilda) who have just had a baby son. They've called him Toby Millican Holden. Which references Sheena's uncle Millican Dalton, who instructed people how to climb mountains (while he lived in a cave in the lake district). Thanks for that, you two. It's great to know that the name and spirit lives on.

Thursday, 26 February 2015


Hey Everyone..

I've been back on the boat for a while now, but been putting off blogging. Sorry about that. Truth is, I am sick to death with hearing about bloody islam. and how all the religious violence and terrorism in the world, is "nothing at all to do with islam". I am appalled with the BBC for rebranding 'islamic terrorists' as 'militants'. I am appalled by Labour councils enabling and defending paedophilia. I'm also appalled by the current shower of government, doing absolutely bugger all about bugger all. But I am at least thankful, that as we live on a boat, we don't have to pay for any of their blatant propaganda, lies and bullshit. Beyond what they can wheedle out of us on VAT.

Moving swiftly on..... We recently heard from our good friend Peter Roberts.... who had this to say....

"I have brought myself up to date with your blog, interesting life you people lead. but you have let it tail off this last 6 months, as though things have stopped happening. I am sure that is not true. and you could easily find some one to upset, so that you can insult them or it."

well, yes... there are 1.6 billion idiots I could upset, quite easily. you know, the ones that mustn't be insulted with satirical pictures of their 'prophet', because they don't live in the 21st century, like the rest of us. the ones who hate the west and it's freedom of speech so much, yet love it's adidas trainers, mobile phones and it's tolerance of them spouting vile hatred against it's institutions. any opposing voices get prison sentences for "racially aggrevated behaviour". even though a manmade religion is clearly, not a race. people have been arrested for holding a contrary opinion to the "religion of peace" on twitter and facebook (neither of which i use anymore, naturally). The politically correct world is patently insane, and one must now be ultra careful what one utters in a public space (ie: the internet). Sometimes, it has been best to say nothing at all. and remain at liberty.

Music ~ Absolutely Haram
So, moving swiftly on, before I insult anyone else...

Our lives have changed very much, since Sheena's mum died. I spent the winter landlubbing down on the Devon/Dorset border, where our mobile phones didn't work. You can get a phone signal out in the deepest Sarangeti, but not on the Devon/Dorset border. Xmas and new year came, and went. Many days passed by, in a grey drizzly blur. The wind blew, but the house didn't move. It was odd to be so cut off from nature. Whereas on the boat, we are in amongst it. Mostly, we were biding our time until probate could finally be resolved, and our normal life on the boat could be resumed again. As of today, things have still not been resolved fully, and probate trundles it's way inexorably onwards at it's own snail's pace. Which means that Sheena is still not back here full time. The river has red boards all along it's length. So nobody is going anywhere, at present. The cherry on the top, is that our tenants in London, are threatening to withhold the rent we need to survive, because of a damp problem (which they caused). Our shit, at the moment, is incredibly tight, so to speak. And as the old nautical saying goes, we're sailing "very close to the wind".

Nice new Chimney

High points of the last few months.... Watching film four's Werner Herzog season, with Sheena, on the boat, in front of the glow from a well stuffed Squirrel. Finally getting myself a "cheap ass" chinese laptop (only took 3 years), stuffed with ad and spyware which needed removing. Replacing the chimney that Sue and Vic donated to us years ago, because it had corroded away so badly. (thanks Sue and Vic, it did us proud). Sumo, in good health, and back snoring on the couch, where he belongs.

Sheena says "There are no mosques on the river bank". And she is, of course, right. So there is plenty to be thankful for. And our life that can be led, away from the stupidity of other people and their bronze age sky fairies. Didn't John Paul Sartre have something to say about that? So, no complaints, really.

6.5 tonne of Aluminium

Now I've broken the ice, and actually posted my first blog entry for many months, I will try to keep things more up to date. On a day to day basis, as long as I remember to stay away from the news, and the newspapers, I am fine. I'm in good health. And high spirits. Sorry if my rant has offended you, but I firmly believe that followers of the doctrines of organised religion are mentally ill. Hence, our boat name.

Hope you all are fine too.