Monday, 30 September 2013

Runnymede Pleasure Grounds

Here's Sheena doing the heavy lifting at Boveney lock, where we stopped for water. Not seen many other boats moving today, so the journey has all been quite leisurely and relaxed. The moorings at the 'Bells of Ouseley' were full (again), so no opportunity to stop there for a pint. Which was a shame.

At Romney lock, I expressed my regret for being the only boat in it. It's a *massive* lock, which takes 1.1 million gallons to fill. The lock keeper said not to worry, because if we hadn't used it, it would just have gone over the weir. (into the Royal hydro electric turbines, I believe. Which power Windsor castle).

A quiet night down at the Runnymede Pleasure Grounds for us. Very different to the last time I stayed here (with Sue & Vic). We haven't heard a plane for at least 3 hours now.

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