Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Much less grumpy

Ahhhhh... that's better. After doing the washing at the launderette for the last time (it's being turned into a studio flat), we left Wallingford, and enjoyed an almost perfect leisurely cruise down to Beale park. where the peace and quiet was very much appreciated.

The next morning, we awoke to 'The mists of Avalon', and travelled down to Medmenham barely being able to see a boat length in front of us. I noticed that many other narrowboats don't have any navigation lights. Which must have been quite a bit hairy for them. The lock keeper at Whitchurch was slightly paranoid that we didn't have ours illuminated. Despite us not seeing one other boat travelling upstream.

Had a quiet overnight in Reading (yes, really), because the place was virtually deserted. I don't think we've ever been the only boat on the tesco moorings before.

The final leg of the journey was done in one large chunk. From Reading, down to Temple lock in a day. Stopping off at Sonning for an hour to have a chat with our mate Chas. We tied up just as it was getting dark, and the rain beginning to fall.

Everybody at Bourne End greeted us, made us feel welcome and like a part of the community. Which was humbling. Fitted the new batteries in an hour of huffing and puffing, and am relieved to report that they're holding their charge at 13.10v. So liveaboard life can once again, get back to normal.

Things are up in the air now, because I may be required to give testimonial in a court case relating to "EA vs. a boater". But I can't really talk about that at the moment. Except to say that further travel plans are on hold until it is all sorted.

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