Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Cold and windy when I woke up this morning. With raindrops hammering off of the roof. Really glad that I don't have to move anywhere today.

Some logs we 'found' when were cruising the Wey earlier in the year. Thankfully, my timing was good, and I got all the rounds split up and stored inside before the wet weather started. Wet logs are better than no logs. But they cause a ton of condensation inside the boat while they're drying out. A situation best avoided, if at all possible.

Only one thing for it.... Made a nice fire and put my feet up.


  1. We've had a fire every night now for almost 9 nights. We even had one during the day last week when it dropped below 50. We scored some wood on the Wey too. Isn't it lovely to find it for free and sit in front of the heat and warmth when its cold? Stay warm and dry.

  2. Hey Jaq. Sheena is coming back today, so we will probably be having them every night now too. I got too hot the other day and had to open all the doors and windows. But you are right about the free wood. Nothing like it!


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