Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Abingdon to East Street, Oxford.

Annoying and chilly headwind all the way. Think we have probably seen the last of summer now. Leaves are starting to go brown, and it is noticeably more gusty out on the river. Time for a hat. Singlehanding up through Sandford lock (deepest on the upper thames) went OK, and thankfully I didn't get rained on.

I was surprised to find that there were still quite a few spaces to moor at East street, when I got there. So I stopped for a while, to make some 3x espresso and let mister off for some sniffs. But, then it started heaving it down in big chunks. So I decided to stop for the night. Guess my timing was good today. So I'm counting myself fortunate.

Abingdon was nice. Though, sadly, Roger the lock keeper has retired. There's a picture of him in the lock cabin, watching over the volunteers! I'll miss his extra dry wit. But I hope he's happy, in whatever he's doing now. Cheers Roger.

Oh, and most of the selfish people who were permanently moored on the meadows above the lock (for over a year) have moved on now. Finally. A shame it is so late in the season, because very few other boaters will get to enjoy those beautiful, picturesque and peaceful places. But, at least they have gone.

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