Tuesday, 3 September 2013

And down again..

Tiptoe through the Spikies.

Sunset at the Rushey lock moorings.

Some rich geezer's house. Him and his missus were out sunbathing on loungers. They didn't wave.

Approaching Northmoor lock, from Upstream.

Stayed at the Rushey lock moorings on sunday too, because I didn't want to run the gauntlet of grumpy fishermen on the way back down. Made the right decision, because monday was absolutely gorgeous. Full of sunshine, with very little current or river traffic.

When I got to Bablock Hythe, the whole place seemed to be plagued with wasps, so I kept on going down to Pinkhill, where I was lucky to get a 53ft space.

A relaxed journey, with only one moment of slight "iffiness". I nearly ran aground, wedged across the river. Because I was trying to photograph a kingfisher. Thankfully, nobody was there to witness me deploying the pole.

Spoke to 'Oxford Cruisers' this morning, where they apologised for diddling us about. They said they're extremely busy this week. And can't fit us in. But they will call on Monday, if they can do it the week after.

Soooooo... As I have a couple of days, with not much to do, I'm thinking of heading down to Abingdon for the weekend. Not looking forward to singlehanding through Sandford lock, but at least it only has to be done the once.

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