Thursday, 30 May 2013


We weren't expecting the full fanfare of brass trumpets and dressed flags when we arrived at Godalming, but we didn't expect to be quite so utterly underwhelmed, either. There was barely enough space for us to turn around. People were moored up on the waterpoint. And there was nowhere else to stop. Completely stuffed with parked boats. So we turned around and left within twenty minutes. The journey upriver from Guildford to Godalming was pleasant enough. Even in the rain. But, when you get there, there is nothing at all. nil. zilch. nada.

There was something to smile about though..

So, back we go...

Sheena, getting busy with the paddles and gates..

I think Sumo had the best time, because he didn't have to put up with miserable sour faced gits for the entire journey. People on hireboats were fine, all out enjoying themselves. But everybody paddling a canoe, sculling, or walking/jogging along the towpath seemed to have had a personality transplant. If this is "Surrey", you can keep it. 

Sumo, helping with the firewood gathering.

Fluffbeast. Goodbye Winter coat.

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