Monday, 27 May 2013

Bank Holiday

Our view this morning...

We've decided to attempt the Wey navigation, because the Thames is stuffed with cruisers full of cityfolks, all out for their annual jolly. This is our first taste of hand operated locks. Stiff muscle city.

Nobody took any notice of the new 'No Mooring' sign at Lady Lindsey's Lawn. Which warmed my heart. The narrowboat with it's washing out is taking the mickey by overstaying (which gives all narrowboaters a bad name).

On our Wey... (Yes, we've already heard all of the Wey jokes).


  1. Hi Ken and Sheena what a lovely looking stretch of water, hope your both fine and well, dad & lesleyann xx

  2. Hi Dad and LesleyAnn. It's a nice change to the Thames, and I'm glad we've seen it. but I wouldn't want to live on it.