Monday, 27 May 2013

Windy as Hell

Just ten minutes after I'd finished this morning's blog post, I discovered we were adrift. Passing boats had rocked our pins out. Thankfully, we hadn't gone further than the nearest mud bank.

It was extremely windy today. With some ridiculous gusts. But, we didn't run aground, or ram any bushes. The sunshine was welcome, as the deepness, width and ferocity of the locks required close attention. They fill up a lot faster than the Thames locks, with an astounding volume of water. Neither of us have felt brave enough to scramble up the lock ladder clutching the phone, but I will try and get some pictures of them, on our way down.

Sadly, 5/10 of the people we encountered today were dead/hollow inside. No smiling, No acknowledgement. The total complete and total ignoring of even a simple "Hello". The art of looking straight through somebody. Old school london behaviour. One boater even "bald faced lied" to us, just because he wanted to whiz his family about in his new aliminium narrowboat. All quite bizarre, really. And strange, that the Thames is a friendlier navigation.

Nearly in Guildford now. And it's forecast to rain for three days. That should be fun.


  1. Hello Ken and Sheena,

    How long you planning on being on the Wey for?

    I've not navigated it, but have cycled along parts of it. Quite like it around there.

  2. Hi Graham. Hope all is good with you and Matilda. We're just going to the end, and then turning around. No schedule, apart from Sheena's next month of care. You are supposed to be able to "moor anywhere" on the wey, but the reality is lots of reeds, and mudbanks that won't let you close to the bank. Nice stretch of water, but as a navigation, I think he Isis north of Oxford, is prettier. Nice cycle track though. :)