Friday, 24 May 2013

Gilded Gates

The black clouds cleared. And we made it down to Hampton Court Palace, without any mishaps. One slightly hairy moment at Shepperton lock, where the weirstream was much stronger than I remembered it. But a short burst of 'full ahead' got us onto the layby safely. Spent last night at Molesey, which has some lovely and well trimmed parkland we all enjoy wandering around. Forecast for tomorrow is extremely strong gusts with more rain. So I think we will be staying put.

Notable on the journey down (beyond the travesty of Lady Lindsey's Lawn), was the dissapearance of many houseboats from further upstream. They all seem to have been moved to one island, just up from Molesey lock. They're all crammed together now. Butted up tight, with no space (or privacy) between any of them. I wonder why that happened.

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