Monday, 13 May 2013

Well Met!

James and Doug from Narrowboat 'Chance' banged on the roof to introduce themselves. I was quite embarrassed to admit that I haven't seen their blog before. But, now I've rectified that, and have discovered some really nice pictures of what is currently happening upstream. Looks like they had some good weather for their trip down here. They're moored up at the Bounty tonight, and are on their way down to London. I'm going to see if I can drag them out to the pub for a drink later on. Nice to meet you, guys. Thanks for saying hello.

They enquired about our Morso saga.
This is the state of play so far...

Here we have £800 worth of new cast iron stove, and back boiler. All plumbed in nicely, with no leaks. Great, I thought. 5 minutes away from a warming fire! Unfortunately, when we tried to weld an extension onto the flue pipe, it crumbled away into nothing. All rusted away inside, and corroded through. ARRGGH! I was quite close to tears. Had hoped to have it all sorted out before Sheena returned. Now that looks unlikely. New flue pipe is not expensive. But, sadly the stove is quite useless without it.

50 days until Winter starts coming back.
More rain forecast (another "month in a day" type deluge).
Oh, what joy!


  1. In the bounty now ken if you fancy a beer!

  2. Hi Doug & James. It was a genuine pleasure to meet you both. Thanks for making a fuss of the beast, refusing to let me buy a beer all evening, regaling me with tales of blogging stalkers, life outside of the thames, and generally making me laugh.

    Hope you have a great time down in London. And I look forward to bumping into you again. All the best... Ken & Sumo