Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Monday

The fecal slick is back. Second time in as many weeks. It honked so badly, the suction truck had to be called out again..

Heaving with people at Bourne End. Screaming kids. Arggh! By 11am the steel sides of the boat were already too baking hot to touch, so a little cruise was definitely in order. Even if I couldn't find anywhere to moor up, I figured it would be nice to have a little bit of a breeze through the boat.

MV "Mayan Mist" on their big summer cruise. Quarter of a mile downstream, to the first bit of wall they could tie themselves up on. Got enough fenders there? LOL.

Got to Cookham lock, and being a big metal tube, the lock keeper waved me in first. This bloke decided he wasn't going to wait. And he made a bit of an arse of himself tieing up. Heh... "They don't like it up 'em". Saw the MV "Golden Quay" in there too. New owner. Much more pleasant than the last one, who was a right idiot.

It's been like this all weekend. Convoys of boats, all steaming as fast as they can to get to the next lock. As anticipated, the bankside down at Cliveden was completely stuffed with boats. Nowhere to pull in there. But, remarkably, "Poo Island" had nobody on it. I suspect that's something to do with the overhanging tree, which makes mooring there a (tiny bit of a) navigational challenge. Don't think I'll be staying here overnight. But the shade of the trees and a slight cooling breeze, makes me very glad I decided to venture down  here.

Feet up. Paperback book on the sundeck. Lovely.

Mister's happy too. Snoozing after lunch. zzzzzzzzz...

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