Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sadly Empty

Lady Lindsey's Lawn... Unusually quiet... 

The reason...

As you can see, this beautiful (ex) mooring spot isn't exactly heaving with the council tax paying citizens of Shepperton, all out enjoying their picnics with unobstructed views of the river frontage. Not one single person. Not even a dog walker.

it's not a total ban on boaters.
the "where specified" area has room for 3.5
right at the end. out of sight.

What mean spirited and misanthropic gits.
Shame on you, Spelthorne council.


  1. Tie up to the sign, get spanners out, remove sign, when someone complains, what sign, not me guv !! ;-)

  2. Hi Alf. It's tempting. I do have a red flag (and a bag of spanners).

    We stopped there for an hour, but the soul had gone from the place. Probably, *some* people overstayed. Which would account for *everyone* getting booted off. But I don't recall there ever being any damage or waste dumping there. As you can see, it's all still pristine.

    Boaters spent money in the town, and now they won't. *sigh*