Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bluebell Woods

Took the boat down to Cliveden again yesterday, to have a potter around it's Bluebell Woods. The fragrance was lovely. I didn't think that the phone camera would do them justice, but Sheena wanted me to put the pics on the blog anyway.

I'm actually quite chuffed with this one... It would make a nice wallpaper..

Sumo. On what remains of 'Blue Blanket'.

Approaching the Bourne End railway bridge. Which is currently undergoing a major refurbishment. They're not painting it, apparently. No, they're adding a "weatherproof protective coating". It must be costing somebody a fortune, because the health and safety implementation is beyond ridiculous. The days where stout geezers would dangle over the edge in bosuns chairs are long gone.  I guess they don't want even "one flake" of paint or rust falling down into the river. Which is commendable, I suppose.

Sheena says I'm "in love with the Thames". But on a day like this, who wouldn't be? Absolutely gorgeous. Distant are the memories of getting bumrushed by massive boats all racing to get in the lock first. Maybe that's just on Bank Holidays.

Cliveden's "Green Avenue".


  1. I am glad they are using a waterproof coating, because I understand paint is not waterproof, you only have to look at our roof for the proof. Am I bitter about Narrowboat painting. No, I shouldn't have left it out in the snow and rain.

  2. same, Brian. our roof was perpetually wet for most of last year, and the rust spots are quite noticable now. strangely, just the deck paint and texturing though. the bits that were enamalled, look fine. regards..