Monday, 13 May 2013

We have heat!

Sumo's got his telly back...

Steve took pity on us, and bumped us up on his list of boats that need jobs doing (currently about 30). Thankfully, we had enough flue pipe left over for him to fabricate/weld a stopgap measure that will keep us warm until the new lengths arrive.

It's not pretty. But it works!

Cheers Steve!


  1. you don't seem to be having much luck with the fire son, hope its all fixed before the winter sets in, I don't think we're having a suummer this year as Alex has promised us two for next year but only if we vote yes!!!!

  2. all sorted now, Dad. it was going to fall apart at some point anyway. it was all rusted away and corroded inside. don't know how long the previous owner had used the chimney without a cowl on it. Don't know how much rain had got down there. By the looks of it... lots. Now at least, it'll be good for years, and we shouldn't have any problems with the boat safety examination.