Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pear Shaped

After a bit more huffing, puffing, and skin off my fingers, I managed to undo another nut today. But the other two were definitely seized solid. Steve came and gave me a hand with his drill. But like a pair of pillocks, we didn't ratchet strap the stove tight before we popped the top off. It went "ping" and all fell apart. Gutted. Tried to ratchet it back together again, but noticed a large crack by the rear blanking plate. So that will be a new stove and backboiler then.

*waves goodbye to £1000*

A £20,000 paint job.
More money than sense, in my humble opinion. He should have spent the money on a mooring, rather than taking the pris at Spade Oak for six months of the year.


  1. .... argh I feel your pain!! When we brought Percy I asked Tony Redshaw to replace the cracked top as part of the sale.... he said it was a pig of a job. Not what you want me to say but it is interesting to see one with the top off....

    Nev NB Percy

  2. Hi Nev. It's going to spank our wallet, but it's probably for the best in the long run. It was a right old corroded mess inside, worn very thin and flaking away in some places. We could possibly salvage the back boiler. But who knows when that will fail? And then we'd have to go through the whole palaver all over again to gain access to it.

    It *is* a pig of a job. But as you know, the stove is the cosy warm glowing heart of the boat. So, rather now, than in the middle of winter..