Monday, 3 June 2013


Wow, June, already.

We arrived safely back on the Thames yesterday afternoon. Shepperton Junction resembled Piccadilly Circus, with boats of all sizes, shape and description out enjoying the long awaited fine weather. Our time pottering about on the Wey was very relaxing, but it's great to see some wide open water, and have some depth under the keel again. Nice to have the all the lock gates operated for us, too. The sluice paddles were very stiff on the Wey. Sheena has muscles like Popeye.

The Thames is awesome in scale, when compared to a river which is just two boats wide in some places. Stopped at Laleham last night. Sheena sneaked off for a Mr. Whippy.


  1. Hey guys. Can I just say I love the blog. It is inspiring me to go further afield this summer.
    On other matter is there any chance you could let me have an e.mail address for you as I need to ask about something you may have seen in your travels.

  2. Hi Max. thanks for the kind words. will email you later on today. Cheers...