Saturday, 22 June 2013


Enjoyed a(nother) pleasant madcap evening at the Bounty. Our outside table, reminded me of a putting green at the crazy golf. Quite surreal. But, it was nice to catch up with Sue & Vic, and meet Vic's daughter Louise. I'm deeply honoured to have been invited over for sunday lunch, but am panicking, as the only "dessert suprise" that I can come up with, would be an "oat and syrup concoction" (aka flapjacks). Sheena's spied some of the treats that other boaters have brought round (we're looking at you Lesley Yarwood, with your Peach and Butterscotch upside down pudding, setting the bar oh so incredibly high). I'm feeling slightly inadequate on the bakery front.

We were reminded (and amused) that Labrador's will eat just about anything. Sumo woofed down a chunk of lemon, which had previously adorned some scampi. And was quite partial to a bit of cucumber too. But he turned his nose up at lettuce.


  1. Hi Ken
    Don't be intimidated by my was a first for me as we'll. a nice crumble would be appreciated I am sure and you can buy the ready made crumble mix!!!
    As for Sumo eating a lemon...gin next?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Lesley. I've purchased some mystery fruits (dont want to spoil the surprise), and even I can handle a crumble mix without cheating.

    Some scouts got Sumo drunk at the bounty once. They'd filled the dogbowls with lager when I wasn't looking. He polished off the lot. Sheena had to put up with a stereo snoring contest that night.

  3. Oooooo.. I wont tell Sir then. He will love that! I'll supply the custard! Bring Sumo we can gag him and lock him in the utility room.. No hang on that is too full of 'stuff'

    We'll think of something!

    Lunch at 2pm.. Half one for a beer aboard!

  4. Hi Ken

    Lovely to meet you and Sumo
    Here is the link to my facebook page where I posted pics if you'd like to steal any

    Lou (Vic's Daughter)

  5. Thanks Louise. It was nice to meet you, too. I find it hard to believe that Sue & Vic hadn't ever been in the Bounty before. Incredible.

    i'm gonna scoot over there now (your facebook page, not the bounty) and have a look..