Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Short Hop

Runnymede Pleasure Gardens

We've never actually stopped here before, because it's always been stuffed with boats. Sue says you have to get here at lunchtime, or before. Very pleasant, and it's free for 24 hours.

New sniffs for mister, and some great offlead walks & river dunks. Meg and Penny seem to have accepted him into their pack, and are quite content to whiz around with each other, while Sumo plods about being a Labrador.

Wow! Look at this... What a feast! Kindly cooked by Sue, and hand delivered to the boat by Vic, because I'd fallen asleep listening to the radio again. Supremely tasty, and very much appreciated. Singlehanding doesn't seem too tiring, when I'm doing it. It's all been enjoyable and pretty much stress free, as the river is well behaved. And it hasn't heaved it down with rain on us. But this is the second day I've nodded off while listening to the radio. I'm going to blame it on the heat and humidity, rather than admit to getting old and needing a nap.. :)

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