Friday, 28 June 2013

Overnight at the Pub

Near Sunbury Lock.

The remains of Mv "it wasn't me, it was him" at Staines. We saw this boat up at Sonning last summer. The owner was out buffing it, and seemed quite proud and happy. Completely burnt out and melted, almost to the waterline.  Cause unknown.

Swan Carnage. A very peaceful scene at Walton on Thames. 200 Sleeping swans. Or they were, until Sue & Vic steamed straight through them. I was the next boat through, and had to steer through 200 suddenly quite awake and annoyed hissing things

Walton on Thames. The bridge is nearly finished, and looks quite "nice", I suppose. Though I am never likely to use it, it's nice to cruise underneath. Waved at the busload of old ladies who were enjoying an ice-cream down by the riverbank. Got completely blanked, and looked at like I had just landed. Ahhh.... this must be Surrey. Well known for it's hospitality and cordial welcome to outsiders.

Maffi's "Molly", snoozing.

We had hoped to stop off at Lady Lindsay's lawn. Which would have been very handy for the launderette. But the 2/10ths of it where you can now moor boats, was completely stuffed. Again, not one single local resident out enjoying a riverside picnic. Beyond those 2/10ths... it was completely deserted. The big "No Mooring (beyond the ridiculous amount we've arbitrarily specified)" sign is still there. Sadly.

However, the moorings at the "Weir" pub in Sunbury were empty. And there was space for both of us, so we stopped off for a well deserved pint in the afternoon sunshine. Just as we were talking about Maffi, and his epic journey downstream, we saw large puffs of black smoke billowing over the bushes. Sue said "That must be him!". And it was. Nice to meet you Maffi. Hope to bump into you again sometime.

Meg and Penny, having a doze in the afternoon. How gorgeous is that? Don't know why they chose to do it in the ashes of an old camp fire. Maybe it's an ancient primal doggie thing, to do with being closest to the warmth? Whatever the reason, they both looked very comfortable. Sumo just snuffles around in it, in case there is any discarded food lurking within. Thankfully I was able to remove the packet of sausage rolls a fisherman had left behind, before he got off the boat. He chose to have his afternoon nap upside down in the kingseat, rather than roughing it on the bankside.

This morning something "pinged" down in the engine bay. Thought the fan belt had snapped, So I lifted the boards and discovered a "mystery bolt" (but no nut) hiding down there. Where it had come from I have no idea. The starter motor is a likely candidate, because it was refurbished recently. Temperature gauge seems OK, and the alternator is still pumping out the amps. I guess I will know more when I attempt to start it from cold again in the morning.


  1. I didn't notice all those swans asleep!

    Glad they were cross with you and not me then!

  2. LOL. How can you *not* notice 200 sleeping swans?

    Ps.. It's my turn to cook tonight. You've fed me such delicious meals, it's only right that I get up off my arse and cook something for you two. I do a decent cauliflower cheese, if you are interested. Or maybe some nicely poached haddock? Speshly if you are doing Sunday. I insist.