Thursday, 6 June 2013

No Wind in the Willows

Dorney Lake to Bourne End, with no stops. Sumo had a tick bite on his eyebrow, that had puffed up disconcertingly. And another ear infection. So we needed to visit the vet again. The tick decided to bale out of it's own accord before we got there. Sumo's got some meds for the swelling, and is much more relaxed now.

Sunset at Dorney lake, last night.

Bray, this afternoon.

Slipper Launches, at Oakley Court.

Sheena took the mickey out of me, for calling the journey "lovely". She says I have to tell everyone that today was really "lovely". Which it was. There was hardly any current, so we didn't have to stress the engine. Half a dozen tripboats full of sightseers, 3 narrowboats, and a couple of cruisers. It wasn't exactly a busy day. And we all got to enjoy the occasional puff of a gentle breeze, which stopped us baking up.

It wasn't a good day for the lady who unfortunately fell in at Dorney lake (she managed to climb out OK, thankfully). But it was, for us.

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