Friday, 21 June 2013

Hermit Mode

Happy Solstice, everyone!

Sorry I haven't written much of interest, recently. Two reasons... 1) 3's internet service has been appalling for the last couple of weeks. So much so, that I've struggled to maintain a decent signal that didn't drop out after two minutes. From Laleham to Bourne End. 2) On Sheena's month away, I tend to go into "Hermit Mode". Which means reading a stack of books with my feet up, and generally leaving the outside world to get on with it's foolishness.

When they passed through, Doug and James on Nb 'Chance' asked me how I stop myself from getting cabin fever, and going insane. It's debatable whether I was sane to begin with. But, for me, peace and quiet are two of life's greatest treasures and pleasures. So I tend to revel in them, whenever they present themselves. Sumo is also a good listener. And walking him in all weathers is good for the soul. I can honestly say I've never been bored or lonely.

Anyway, today is different. Several things to write about...

I bumped into Sue & Vic, who looked like they were about to bang on the roof. They're booked in for a service at the marina on monday, and are currently moored up on Bell Rope meadow. Sue says she will refuse to pay if somebody pops out of the bushes, as all the signs have dissapeared. heh, nice one. True to his name, Sumo jumped up and launched himself at them. After taking the mickey out of me for moaning about canals, and the River Wey navigation, we agreed to meet up at the Bounty pub at 7pm. Amazingly, it will be their first visit.

Our friends Alan & Sue phoned up yesterday. They've sold their cruiser "Mv Latitude", and are excited about becoming narrowboaters. After several cold winters shivering on a GRP, they're looking forward to the warmth and cosiness of a real fire. Good luck to them, I hope they can get something nice.

Oh, and I've joined the RNSA, which will allow me to fly a Blue Ensign on Dogma. When I looked into the possibility a few months back, there seemed to be several hoops to jump through. Either I had to be an ex officer, a member of an approved sailing club, or have an official warrant. All of those options allow you to fly a defaced version of the flag. RNSA membership is open to "other ranks", and allows me to fly it undefaced. So I am well chuffed.

I have to lower it, if we pass a frigate. But the chances of that are slim.

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