Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Downstream with No Problem(s)

Set off in the sunshine, at the crack of 9.30. Did not ram anything, or bounce off any lock walls. Not a puff of wind, and a very still river.

Grooves in the woodwork at Boulters Lock.

Clouds appeared over Maidenhead. Moored up here for 10 minutes, because I got slightly paranoid about an imaginary starboard list. Having another espresso seemed to cure that. A noticably large number of tripboats were steaming up and down the middle of the river. But, also noticable, was the fact that they were not very full.

I was greeted at Windsor by Sue & Vic, and Les & Jaq from Nb 'Valerie' (nice to meet you both). They were all having a picnic in the sunshine. I didn't ram anything mooring up, and I didn't hit my shins with the sledgehammer. Was treated to a nice cup of tea, and a tasty homemade scone/rockcake/jam combination. Thanks Sue.

Windsor castle, viewed from the Eton side. I like the way that zooming in, and the haze of the sunshine, have made the castle look like a cheap 2D matte painting that somebody has plonked behind the trees.

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