Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunset over Sunbury

Alas, all good things must come to an end. This is my last day with Sue, Vic, Meg & Penny. Today, we visited the biggest car boot sale I have ever seen. Vast. Enormous. Just about anything and everything you could ever think of buying was there, and available for purchase. It took us three hours just to walk around it. Did I mention that it was very large? I think I exercised great personal restraint, in not filling the boat up with "more stuff". Vic cooked us a magnificent sunday roast. With strawberries and cream for dessert. Two sundays in a row now! I appreciate that I am one very lucky boater indeed. Thanks Vic! Thanks Sue! I've enjoyed every single moment.

Tomorrow, they're heading down to Kingston, in preparation for their journey through Teddington lock. They very kindly offered to take me and Sumo with them. But, "all there is down there... is London". And Sumo's seen enough of that. :)

I've decided to bale out on the visit to Hampton Court this time. As I want to get our starter motor looked at, before Sheena comes back. It's working, sort of. Intermittently. And anything less than 100% reliable is not good enough. Going to see how far I can get on it, rather than wimping out and calling RCR. Getting it off to examine it, won't be too problematical. But that means the alternator mounting must be slackened off, and the fanbelt removed. Not something I want to get into, on my own, out in the wilds, really.

The river?

Heaving with people, out enjoying themselves, in their boats. A few narrowboats had difficulty waiting for the lock (Sunbury), because of the rapid weirstream. And the fast outpouring from the sluices, sweeping around the other bend. When the layby is full, you just have to wait in midriver, and hope for the best. The eddies on that corner can be tricky sometimes, so I had plenty of sympathy for them. They all made it through safely though.

Hoping it will be a bit quieter tomorrow.

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