Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Lunch

Enjoyed an awesome beef roast, with all the trimmings. Thanks very much, Sue & Vic. That was great.

Sheena wanted a picture of my cooking prowess..

Today's mystery fruit dessert was: Rhubarb, Strawberry and Coconut crumble! Yum! Freshly squeezed orange juice helped offset the tartness of the Rhubarb, and didn't overpower the strawberries. Result!

Where's ours?


Sadly, A bloke from across the river (in the million pound houses) tried to wheedle £30 out of Sue. "You have been here 3 nights now", he said. I wish I had recorded the whole conversation, because it was an appalling and nasty display of snobbery. The gist of it was, that they (the people in the expensive houses) didn't want "unsightly boats" moored up across the river, spoiling their view. The £10 a night charge is to "discourage" (his actual word) boaters from staying there.

He then proceeded to dig himself an even deeper hole, by claiming that last summer there had been 13 narrowboats overstaying (a bald faced lie). Then he started waffling on about how "Your boat is alright, it's nicely painted". And "We have had some nasty and dangerous boaters staying here". Rubbish! We think the "nasty and dangerous" boaters, are probably people who have told him to sod off. Which I suspect, is more than a few. Those moorings are in a disgraceful state. The only people I have ever seen stop there, are hireboats up from Penton Hook (who presumably have just experienced the long old stretch up from Windsor, and just want somewhere safe to tie up for the night).

It saddens me that somebody with such wealth, has nothing else better to do, than to spy on people from across the river. And to record how long they have been there for. Probably with binoculars, whilst gnashing his teeth. Also, if it really is official National Trust policy to look down upon "scruffy boats", and actively discourage them from mooring and spoiling millionaires views, they've gone down several notches on the respect front.

On a happier note, I have just dieseled up. Our return trip to Hampton court, including the length of the River Wey and back, only used 74 litres of fuel.


  1. No taste test for Sumo then?

  2. Hi Lesley. He helped me taste test some of the strawberries last night. got a 400g punnet. but only needed 250g for the recipe. :)

  3. Sumo is amazing!!! How can he eat all those strawberries, you spoil him rotton Ken!

  4. only with natural stuff though, Sue. some people give their pets chocolate, slices of buttered toast, biscuits, etc..
    his teeth are still in good nick, and he's slim & fit for a showline lab.

    you should see him around a blackberry bush, or an apple tree.
    (picked clean). :)