Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Watched other narrowboaters getting blown around by the wind, and decided to stay for another day here in Lechlade.

Which gave me a chance to get the routine maintanence jobs out of the way. Our starter battery (which we salvaged from our old bank) hasn't been charging to over 80%, so it needed examination. Swapped it for the spare, and topped it up with some distilled water. But, it's still only reading 12.47v after an hour's charging. So, I guess that is scrap too. At least it managed to get us up here before giving up the ghost.

Otherwise, I'm happy to report that we have no leaks, no annoying piddles of diesel, or any electrical problems, at all. The Universal alternator that Chas fitted for us, works brilliantly. Hope to be setting off again tomorrow (whatever the summer weather throws at us), as we need to take on fresh water. And the nearest place for that is downstream at St. John's Lock.

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