Sunday, 5 June 2011

Buckland Marsh

We've travelled 10.08 miles today, and passed through 3 hand operated locks. Northmoor, Shifford and Rushey.

Another long haul for us today. Not too many places to stop enroute. And, where there were, there was an inconsiderate moorer plonked right in the middle of them. So we kept going up to Buckland Marsh, where we found plenty of lovely places to stop.

Thankfully, because it was threatening to rain, there weren't many other boats on the move. Which made negotiating the myriad bends so much easier. Did I mention the bends? We've done hundreds of them today. Left handers, right handers, and some with really insane angles. Not good places to meet something coming from the other direction at speed. It was good manoeuvering practice for us though. And we didn't run aground once, which I'm quite proud of.

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