Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Enjoyed a peaceful night at Oxford, where we made the aquaintance of Dave, and his 12 year old Akita "Oscar", who live on Nb 'Chavori'. We untied and moved up, so he could moor behind us. This morning he regaled us with tales of the towpath, entertained us with "Gypsy Jazz", and gave Sheena enough sugar to last her three months. He also gave a couple of homeless Americans some lunch, and a waterproof jacket. We've met some real diamonds on our travels, and Dave is definitely one of them. Hope we bump into him again. He also recommended one of these, for the times when our sat dish can't find the signal. A "ridiculously small thing that gives a great picture, and can be plonked anywhere on the roof".

Maplins Magnetic Aerial Link

A passerby, who it turned out, used to be a Radio Operator in the Army, extoled the virtues of Communism, Engels, and the novels of Soljenitsin to us, while we were having lunch. Think it was because of our boat name.

Set off downstream about 1 'o' clock. Both of us amazed at the wideness of the river, after the little stream we've been navigating for the last 10 days. Passed Mv 'Latitude' just outside Oxford, but nobody home. Arrived at Abingdon around 5, and glided ourselves onto the last free mooring space in town. It's much busier than the last time we were here. Down below the lock and road bridge, it's completely stuffed with boats of every shape, size and description. Both of us were relieved we'd decided to stop here, and not try our luck further on.

Abingdon ~ Above the lock

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