Monday, 13 June 2011


EynshamNot a bad morning, after yesterday's torrential downpour. Set off about 10 '0' clock, and around a couple of bends, the first person we see, is Sue, from Nb 'No Problem' walking Meg and Lucy. Around another bend, was Vic, with his feet up. So we "toot tooted" and waved. Sorry we didn't get the chance for a drink on this journey. But, hopefully, our paths will cross again in the future. Thanks for the inspiration you gave us, when we were boatless. And I hope you can get your power problems sorted out soon.

Then we enjoyed a pleasant cruise downstream in the sun, skillfully avoiding the posse of narrowboats that were heading upstream. Decided to pull in to "The Ferryman" at Bablock Hythe for some lunch, and was just about to commit to turning us around, when another narrowboat came steaming around the bend, and we nearly lost everything off the roof because of an overhanging tree.....arrgghh %**&*&!... oh wait a minute... It's Brian and Diana, on Nb 'Harnser'. (Harnser's Travels). Nice to see you both. Again, sorry we didn't have the opportunity for a drink and a chat. It's good to be able to put faces to names, and hopefully we will bump into you again, when we're on the canals. Have a good cruise up to Lechlade.

Where's the Beef?Sumo was unimpressed that he didn't get any of my beef.

Swinford Toll bridgeSwinford Toll bridgeTonight, we've ended up just below Swinford Toll bridge, on the public moorings. Ours for 24 hours..

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