Friday, 3 June 2011


We've travelled 4.03 miles today.

Osney LockOsney Lock was very busy.

Will it... Won't it?ah... The chimney was stuck solid, and it wouldn't come off. Thankfully, we didn't lose it going under Osney bridge, but it was very close thing. Inches to spare.

Sumo getting the sniffsSumo enjoyed the new sniffs.

On past Rainbow bridge, the river opened out into a wide flat expanse, with a huge meadow on the right hand side. Though it was very warm and sunny, there was a nasty wind blowing right across it. So, again, I feel like I've been sandblasted.

Rainbow BridgePort Meadow HorsesChillin..
Godstow Lock was a bit of a pig to get into. The layby was short, and the wind across the meadow threatened to blow us onto a very shallow beach. Thankfully, a small burst of "Full Ahead", saved us from any potential embarrasment.

Godstow LockGodstow LockGodstow LockAbbey Ruins
By the time we got to Kings Lock, it was baking hot, and we were on the lookout for a place to stop. It was our first manual lock with beams. They've all been pushbutton so far. But thankfully, the lockkeeper appeared with a big pole, and we were through in less than 5 minutes. There are a couple of beautifully tended garden type moorings after the lock, so we've decided to stay here for the night..

Kings LockRelaxation for the CrewMeadow FlowersKings Lock MooringTucked up at the King's Lock mooring, just before the Duke's cut turnoff to the Oxford canal. What a lovely spot to spend a summer's evening.

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